Slat Types


With 12 different slat colours we provide a wide variety of colour options. All slats can be mixed with each to provide and a unique colour combination.

We also have 3 different slat types available


RS 41 slat – Standard

At Advanced, we use German made Heroal brand slats. All our standard 41mm slat come with a 2-layer thick coating which provides an intensive, fade-resistant finish. The 3rd layer provides a highly UV-resistant coating which makes the slat very durable, easy to clean and ideally suited for harsh Australia conditionals.


RS 54 slat – Large

This slat has the same paint and built qualities as our standard HR 41 slat, but is designed for extra wide opening. With a maximum width of 4.5m and maximum height of 3.8m, we can cater for most openings. This is ideal for double sliding doors, stacker or bi-fold doors were one shutter is need to cover the entire opening.


RS 37 RC2 – Extra strong

This is our strongest slat and is designed for maximum security. The slat is foam filled then strengthened with melanin resin, giving the slat excellent bending strength and durability.


All our slats, pelmet boxes, guide rails and bottom bars are made in Germany by Heroal. They are the leading brand in manufacturing shutter components through the world. With over 180,000 square metres of factory space for production and storage, they are leaders in paint quality and component consistency. We have been associated with Heroal for over 20 years and continue to have a healthy relationship with our German supplier.