Shutter Benefits


Advanced window shutters are a modern, effective and affordable way to give your home the lifestyle and comfort that you want, and the security and privacy that you need. Our shutters provide protection against the suns heat during summer, and reduce about 90% of the heat that would normally penetrate through your window. They will protect your curtains, carpets, and timber floors from fading.



Advanced shutters allow you eliminate unwanted light. Whether it’s the earlier morning sun during summer, or a street light during the night, our shutters allow you to control how much light (if any) comes through. The built in ventilation holes in our slats can be left open to allow the summer sea breeze in, while at the same time protecting you from the harsh summer heat.



Our shutter will give you what most people want – privacy. By adjusting the distance between the slats, you can control the amount of light and ventilation you want, creating a pleasantly softly lit atmosphere. Perfect for kids needing a day sleep. When you fully close the interlocking slats, light from the shutter in eliminated providing a dark, quiet and cool environment ideally suited for shift workers.



Our shutters will protect you from any flying debris during window storms. The aluminium profile with polyurethane insulation has been designed to protect you windows by absorbing the impact and flexing as an object hits the slats. Whether it’s a football or hail, you window plane will be protected from shattering.



Each slat has polyurethane insulation which work together with your window to create two barriers in reducing your noise. Whether it’s a noising intersection, or kids playing out late at night, our shutters are cost effective way in reducing noise pollution.



Our shutters also increase the security of your home. Our interlocking slats make them a very durable product. We have many options to further increase your security including, wider and extra thick guides, high density extra strength slats, bottom angle or u channels and specially designed block springs which eliminate the slats being able to be lifted from the bottom. Please speak to any of our sales staff for more information and any of the options outlined.