Manual roller shutters, External controls

Spring loaded

For installations where control is required from the outside, spring loaded shutters are a solution. Using a tensioned coil in the shaft, spring loaded shutters are lifted by hand with the assistance of the spring. When closed they are key-locked. Typically used with cabinets, front doors or similar locations where control from the front and security are required.

Rothmans style

An alternative to spring loaded, a Rothmans style installation places a strap coiler on the pelmet side of the shutter allowing operation from the front. These are typically used with smaller cabinets where security is not required.

Fixed shutters

For installations which need to permanently close off a window, dummy shutters are an option. Exactly the same as standard shutters, dummy shutters lack any control mechanism and are permanently down. Typically used in situations where a smaller non-opening window is adjacent to standard shutters. Dummy shutters can be converted to either manual or electric operation should circumstances change.

Manual roller shutters, External controls

Hard Wired Electric Shutters

Hard wired electric shutters

Wired into the electrical mains supply, electric shutters are controlled via an internal switch, which operates the motor to move the shutter up and down. Available for any shutter size. Advanced Window Shutters use exclusively German made Selve brand of electric motors. We have an extensive range of motors available including obstacle detection, remote control, electronically controlled and super secure versions.

Remote Control

Remote control

Remote control shutters have the same internal mechanism as hard-wired shutters except they are activated using a remote control unit instead of a switch. These are ideal for installations where a hard-wired installation is either impossible or undesirable. Remote control units are available in single or multi channel, the latter being able to control up to five shutters independently. We also have a range of timers and sensors which can control shutters giving you added flexibility.

Remote control and hard-wired

In addition to remote control unit, AWS motors can also have a hard-wired switch for the same shutter. This allows the best of both worlds – wireless operation with the security that should the remote control be lost, you can still operate your shutters using the switch.

Battery Powered

Battery powered

Battery powered shutters use a cradle-mounted battery to power the shutters. Looking like a large remote control but with only three buttons, battery powered shutters provide certainty of operation in areas where power blackouts are frequent.

Key Operated

Key operated

For situations where a window shutter is also the main access to a premises, we offer a key operated hard-wired switch. These allow key operation of the shutter from the outside of the premises. These switches are tamper proof.


Key operated

Advanced Window Shutters can be connected to existing C-Bus home automation systems. Using a module specific for shutters, connection to a C-Bus circuit allows all the standard functionality of a hard-wired connection, but with the flexibility of C-Bus automation. (C-Bus must already be installed for shutters to be connected).


UPS backup

In situations where shutter operation is necessary even with power failures, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can be fitted. These provide the shutter with power sufficient for several opening and closings.


At Advanced Window Shutters we use German made Heroal brand slats. Available in eleven colours, these slats have a triple baked on enamel coat with an extra lacquer layer. All paint is UV stabilised and so highly resistant to fading.