Q: Do quotes take a long time?

A: Usually 15 minutes or less. We don’t stay for hours and we don’t pressure you into buying there and then. You are the customer after all! We will provide you with a quote, with all the details and leave it for you to decide in your own time.

Q: How much does a shutter cost?

A: The cost of a window shutter depends on its size, whether it is electric, manual or remote control.  While it is best for us to measure the window or opening to determine to cost, we can provide you a price over the telephone to give you an estimate.  This is handy as it gives you an idea how much to budget.

Q: How much for a whole house?

A: This depends on the number of windows, how big or small they are and whether you choose electric, manual or some of our other options.

Q: I’ve ordered electric shutters. Will they be connected the same day?

A: Yes! When we install shutters, we always connect them at the same time.

Q: I’ve ordered shutters. When will they be installed?

A: Usually between 2 and 10 working days, although we also have a super rapid service (some conditions apply for this) where we can install in 1-working day.

Q: Is a check measure required?

A: Not with Advanced Window Shutters. All our sales staff have at least 10years in the production, installation and maintenance of roller shutters. With one visit we can advise you of everything you need to know about your shutters. That’s convenient!

Q: I need a special colour for the pelmet. Will this take longer to make?

A: Not with Advanced Window Shutters! We offer the same time frame for no-standard colours as our standard colours.

Q: What are your payment options?

A: We accept cash, cheque, credit cards and EFT payments and we don’t add a surcharge.

Q: I have a manual roller shutter. Can I convert it to electric?

A: Yes and we can do this quickly. Our conversion process involves us removing your existing manual controls and installing our easy to use electric motor. In addition we will warranty the motor and our work for five years.

Q: I have 24v power from my solar cells. Can you supply 24v motors?

A: Yes. While we usually supply 240v motors, we can also supply 24v motors for special installations.

Q: When quoting, do both husband and wife have to be home?

A: No! Apart from not presuming a particular family structure, we also do not require for both of you to be home.

Q: My shutter is broken, can you fix it?

A: Yes. Unless the parts required are highly specialised (rare), we can fix any make of roller shutter.

Q: What is the maximum size for a roller shutter?

A: The maximum width using our standard slat is 3.5m.  Our larger 54mm slat allows us go up to 4.5m.