Control Options

All our motors, remotes, winder controls and accessories are supplied by our German supplier Selve. Selve is a leading European brand in all forms of motorisation and accessories and we are proud to have been associated for over 17 years. 



Fast, quiet, strong and made in Germany, this motor is our most popular and extremely reliable.

Obstacle detection:

As the name suggests, obstacle motors detect when an object will impede the roller shutter from closing. The motor will automatically shut itself off on impact. Objects such as brooms, children’s toys or outdoor furniture and common items that are accidently left outside. Roller shutters with these motors can have an optional external lock fitted for additional security.


Premium Remote:

Remote controls adds the flexibility of having a hand-held remote control to operate one or more roller shutters. In additional, our motors allow you to have a hard wired switch as well as the remote control.


The remote also allows you set particular times during the day for the shutter to go up or down. This is ideal if you plan to go on holiday for an extended period, where the shutter can be set to go up and down and different times to give the appearance that someone if home. Also, the remote motor can be set to open and close the shutter at the same time as sun rise and sun set. They even know their latitude and longitude so can vary the sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. That’s clever!


Coming soon:

Our premium motor will soon also be operable via your smart phone. An app is currently being finalised which will allow full control of all your shutters with one device, your phone. This will further enhance and increase your flexibility within your home. This additional should be available by years end.


Key operation:

For situations where a window shutter is also the main access to a premises, we offer a key operated hard-wired switch. These allow key operation of the shutter from the outside of the premises. These switches are tamper proof.


Advanced Window Shutters can be connected to existing C-Bus home automation systems. Using a module specific for shutters, connection to a C-Bus circuit allows all the standard functionality of a hard-wired connection, but with the flexibility of C-Bus automation. (C-Bus must already be installed for shutters to be connected).




For shutters smaller than four square metres, winder can be installed. The hand operated crank allows easy movement of the shutter up and down. Highly reliable and using no power, manual crank winders are a good choice for small to medium sized windows. The handle both folds flat and can be removed for storage.


Strap coiler

For installations where there is limited space, or where a smaller control unit is required, a strap coiler can be installed.  Needing just 35mm of wall width, a strap coiler allows for installations in tight places.  Strap coilers are limited to shutters up to three square metres.


Spring loaded

This system has a tensioned spring mechanism and is operated from outside. You pull or push the shutter up/down. This design is commonly used for shop fronts and storage areas, as it’s not reliant on power for operation. It usually installed with key lock on the bottom bar for security.

Need something special? Talk to us about what you need as we have in the past made custom shutters to suit non-standard installations. These include build in roller shutter (no pelmet box visible), enclosing patios, and even roof shutter installation.