About Us

Established in 1987, Advanced Window Shutters is a leading supplier of window shutters in Perth, WA and surrounding areas. As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in providing high quality, transparent, and prompt service.

At Advanced Window Shutters, we place customer satisfaction paramount to our priorities. Hence, we exhaust all means to provide you with service and products that will leave you happy in the end.

Quality Window Shutters

We ensure that we provide our customers with top quality products. Consequently, we source all our shutters — including our roller shutters and aluminium shutters — directly from Germany. You can choose from a wide array of installation options, design choices and colour selection. Trust that when you hire us to install window shutters for your Perth home, you will only get the best in the market.

Expert Window Shutter Installers

When you hire us to install your window shutters, you will get unmatched service from our fully trained and experienced staff. No matter what question you may have about shutters, our employees will provide you with detailed and accurate information. We guarantee that everyone from our staff is knowledgeable and skilled on window shutters. Even the sales person who will visit your home and provide you with your quotation will be able to install shutters for you!

Fast and Transparent Quotation

At Advanced Window Shutters, we provide a fast, no pressure quotation service. Once our team arrives at your home, they will measure your windows and then provide you with a written quotation of the windows, the shutters, colours and materials you need. We assure you that we work with absolute transparency and that we will provide you with a straightforward quotation — no hidden charges, fancy sales pitch and no pressure at all.

If you have any questions about our window shutters, feel free to contact us at 9418 4236.